The Irie Jamaican Pearl Marijuana Strain

Genetics: Hybrid of Sativa and Indica, female “Marley’s Collie” x “Male Early Pearl”

Budding Time Required: Approximately 60 and 70 days

Created by: Sensi Seeds

Jamaica is a blissful – tropical island and is home to many great sativa strains of astounding quality and incredible potency. So one might understand if this tiny Caribbean nation were to work vigorously to protect its marijuana genetics, whether it is this protection of… or more likely the lack of production of Jamaican marijuana seeds for resale, they are quickly becoming an extremely rare commodity in this quickly growing marijuana genetics world.

As many know Jamaica is a mystical and thought-provoking island, as well, it’s marijuana strains. The music and rhythm of this tiny tropical island out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean are just some of the many mystical forces that help to create this heady tropical strain.

When one looks at Jamaican marijuana strains Marley’s Collie stands heads and shoulders above other known Jamaican genetics. After years of laborious effort in developing Marley’s Collie which as most recognize as one of Jamaica’s better genetic strains.

After years of playing around with different cannabis genetics the Jamaican breeders finally decided to turn their cultivating attention toward creating the Jamaican pearl. The ultimate objective with the Jamaican pearl was to create a cerebral high, capturing the essence of the Jamaican islands tropical qualities.

The marijuana genes used to cross with a selected early Jamaican pearl male was no doubt a lucky donor. As the first results came back from this new genetic crossbreeding, the original cultivators found they could produce a consistent and powerful sativa dominant strain that could handle temperate climates, while still producing a generous harvest of chronic tropical buds.

The Jamaican pearls rise to popularity in this tiny island nation, that knows a thing or two about smoking good marijuana, speaks to the abundant quality and care that is gone into creating the Jamaican pearl genetics.

When looking for the best results with your Jamaican Pearl make sure to offer your ladies blinding sums of high value light spectrums – quality nutrients – high levels of CO2 – and some sweet reverse osmosis water. Once they get under way and establish their primary tap roots, they’ll take off. Growing like crazy island style trees. Whether indoors, or out, after the initial vegetation cycle the plant begins forming massive sticky Buds. It is these flowers, which are the pleasant irie themes of many would be grower’s dreams.